EPIC Biodiversity is a global consulting company specializing in research and cross-sector collaboration to achieve sustainable impact for the environment, people and conservation.


Our strength lies in linking detailed on-the-ground knowledge of species, landscapes, people and processes with a deep understanding of policy decisions made at the highest levels. 


But we cannot claim to do this alone. EPIC Biodiversity engages an extensive network of brilliant experts, decision-makers and organizations. Together, we combine groundbreaking science and innovative thinking to offer pragmatic and tailored solutions to enable a sustainable balance between people and biodiversity - for a happier and healthier planet. 

Our clients include the UN, CITES, TRAFFIC, IUCN, Kering, LVMH, Gucci, BSR, BBC, among others. We have worked globally in more than 18 countries including Australia, Benin, Cambodia, El Salvador, PR China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Lao PDR, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and Viet Nam.

​Dr Daniel Natusch

Director of EPIC Biodiversity