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The transfer of knowledge and information to develop professional and personal understanding and skills is indispensable. 


EPIC Biodiversity organizes and offers an extensive range of specialized workshops and training programs developed and delivered by experienced experts. These events may include field trips to gain vital experience in real-world situations, hands-on training, or classroom exercises and theory.

Workshops and training delivered by EPIC Biodiversity have been conducted globally in more than 15 countries including Australia, Benin, Cambodia, El Salvador, PR China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Examples of the workshops and training we provide include:

  • Effective use of monitoring tools, guidance and standards documents, and databases, in relation to wildlife management

  • Humane treatment of animals

  • Safe animal handling

  • Wildlife identification for customs, police, and government authorities

  • Sustainable farming techniques

  • Safe and effective use of field equipment and data gathering for environmental assessments

  • Training for improvement of farming/captive-breeding production capacity

  • Experimental design and data analysis

  • Training for third-party auditors and supply chain staff ('training the trainers') in self/external assessment

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