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We all have impacts and dependencies on natural ecosystems and resources.  


To sustain our use of natural resources, for the benefit of people and biodiversity, it is critical that individuals and companies increasingly make responsible sourcing and planning an integral part of their procurement and supply chain management processes. Linked to this, companies also must meet the growing expectations of stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, employees, NGOs, trade associations, and governments, to take responsibility for their environmental, social and ethical practices.


EPIC Biodiversity can assist in defining sustainability and planning strategies that offer opportunities to deliver positive outcomes for the environment and people while also mitigating significant risks and establishing resilient supply sources. Our projects include, for example: 


  • Supply chain assessments 

  • Raw material sustainable sourcing strategies 

  • Corporate biodiversity impact strategies

  • Sustainable land management strategies

  • Cost-benefit and data analysis

  • Alternative and low emission transportation planning and design

  • Facilitation / relationship management 

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