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Wildlife management attempts to balance the requirements of wildlife with those of people using the best available science. It is vital to ensure wildlife populations and habitats endure over time, while also taking into account the aspirations and needs of people who rely on them.


EPIC Biodiversity works with local and national government authorities, non-government organizations, private sector, researchers, and the public to assist in sustainably managing wild and captive wildlife populations. Our primary aim is to support the conservation of wild species and their habitats.


Specific services that we provide may include:

  • Assisting with wildlife management and reporting, such as conducting CITES Non-Detriment Findings (NDF)

  • Evaluating the sustainability of wildlife harvests

  • Wildlife trade policy advice and research

  • Wildlife field surveys and inventories

  • Establishment and on-going monitoring of wildlife management programs

  • Establishment and assessment of production capacity for wildlife farming systems

  • Ecological impact assessments

  • Wildlife documentary film production

  • Pure biological and ecological research (with a primary focus on reptiles)

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